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101 BIRTH Based on Christening Date (MAS 6-7-06)

BIRTH & BAPTISM: Isack s/o Abrah Van Valkenburg & Cataleyntie Valkenburg; sponsors: Isac Lansing & Susanna Beekman; Church record (NAVVF Web Site)
VAN VECHTEN, Antie (I03380)
102 BIRTH based on Christening Date (MAS 6-7-06)

BIRTH & BAPTISM: Jacobus s/o Abraham Van Valkenburg & Catelyntje Schermerhoorm; sponsors: Jacob & Greitjie Schermerhorn; Church record (NAVVF Web SIte)

MARRIAGE: Church record; Jacob Van Valkenburg to Catharina Turck (NAVVF Web Site)
TEN EYCK, Geertje (I03378)
103 BIRTH Based on Christening Date (MAS 6-7-06)

BIRTH & BAPTISM: Jacobus s/o Abraham Van Valkenburg & Catlins Schermerhorn sponsors: Jacob Schermerhorn & Magdalena Van Buren; Church record (NAVVF Web SIte)

MARRIAGE: Abram Van Valkenburg to Nieltje Gardenier; Church record (NAVVF Web SIte)
BRATT, Elsie Jans Albertse (I03379)
104 BIRTH Based on Christening Date (MAS 6-7-06)

BIRTH & BAPTISM: Maria d/o Teunis Dirkse Van Vechten and Catelyntje Van Putte (Van Patten); sponsors: Johannes and Maria Van Vechten. Church record. (NAVVF Web Site)
GOODHINES, Albert J (I03239)
105 BIRTH based on Christening Record (MAS 6-5-06)

BAPTISM Verfify with ALBANY DRC Listing on the Web the Listing for 27 Dec 1685
Part 1, 1683-?1700 Holland Society of New York (1905)
Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, New York, 1683?1809
Excerpted from Year Books of the Holland Society of New York
1685, Dec 27Jacob, of Jacob Schermerhoorn, Jr. Wit.: father, Jacob Schermerhoorn, Henderik Cornelisz. By Helena Van den Bogaard.. 
SPOOR, Henricus (Hendrick) (I03354)
106 BIRTH date based on Baptism (MAS 6-4-06) place provided by NAVVF Web SIte

BAPTISM: record of RDC of NY s/o Lambert Van Valckenburg;
Sponsors: Marten Cregir, Jan Hartman and Luntie Jochems; place
was known then as New Amsterdam, New Netherlands

MARRIAGE: 1st; no known record; son Lambert was married in 1693, assuming
he was 20-22 when he married, his parents should have been married abt 1670-72
MARRIAGE: 2nd; After 3 banns, Jochum Van Valkenburg, widower of Eva Vroman, to Jannetie Mingaal Van Aalsteyn, widow of Lambert Van Aalsteyn; Church record

Paul I Van Valkenburg states that the first 5 children were all baptised on the same day. Their birthdates are unknown. They were placed in the order of their Baptism. Johannes, Hendrick, Abraham, Bartholomeus & Lambert, with dau Jannetje placed at the end.

If each child married at about 20 years of age, the order would change to the

Lambert md 1693; Jannetje md 1698; Hendrick md 1709; Bartholomeus
1701; Abraham md 1706; Johannes md 1707; Isaac bap 1686 md 1705; Jacob bap
1689 md 1713; Jochem bap 1692 md 1719; Engeltie bap 1695 md 1723

Lambert, Jannetje and Hendrick were placed in 1-3 because of the Dutch naming
custum which was usually followed at this time.

The numbering system is based on the one developed by Paul I Van Valkenburg
with the following changes: the sons of Jochem are given the numbers 1 through 8 with daughter Jannetje number 9 and Engeltie letter X (for 10).
GOODHINES, Joseph (I03242)
107 BIRTH date is either 15 or 16 per A. Ross Eckler's Eckler Book (See Source) VAN VALKENBURGH, Susanna (I03430)
108 BIRTH DATE: Based on Christening (MAS 6-4-06)
MARRIAGE: Jochum Van Valkenburg, widower of Eva Vroman to Jannetie Mingaal
Van Aalsteyn widow of Lambert Van Aalsteyn; Church record

NOTE: last name spelled Mingael and Mingaal
VAN VALKENBURG, Margaretha (I03310)
109 BIRTH for NAVVF Web SIte VAN SARDAM, Antje (Antie) (I03350)
110 Birth from a tree that is not sourced but gives my names to look up and help build the tree CROWELL, Reliance (I01408)
There is no known information about the exact Birth Date. But he was born in Valkenburg, Maaestrict, Limburg Province, Netherlands. (NAVVF Web Site)

Lambert Van Valckenburch bap 15 Apr (1614) Millen; sponsors: Michiel Scepers and Elizabeth Baesten (NAVVF Web Site)

Lambert Van Valkenburg of Valkenburg on the Guele River, seven miles east of Maaestrict, Limburg Province of the Netherlands, obtained a marriage licence in 1642 and married Annetje Jacobs. This Licence, as furnished and translated by the "Centraul Bureau voor Genealogie" of The Hague, The Netherlands, reads as follows:

"Appeared (before the marriage council of Amsterdam) as before (on the 4th of Jan 1642) Lambert Van Valckenburgh, from Millen, 26 yrs old, having no parents (anymore) living on the Boomstraat, and Annetie Jacobs, from Tonningen (Schleswig Holstein) living as before, having no parents, 20 yrs old, requesting to have their three Sundays' banns proclaimed, in order to have their marriage solemnized and celebrated, insofar no legal impediments occur. And after their having declared to be free persons and (not) related to each other in blood, which would prevent a Christian marriage, their banns have been granted. (NAVVF Web Site)


Lambert bought a house and 25 morgens (50 acres) of land on 29 Jul 1644, from Cornelis Jacobsen Van Vreelandt on the west side of the Bowery from Canal to Broome Streets. Later, on 16 Feb 1647 he received a grant from
the Dutch West India Company to a lot south of the fort, next to Jan Evertsen. (NAVVF Web Site)


LAMBERT JOCHEMSE VAN VALCKENBURCH (Valckenburgh, Valkenberg, Valckenborch), born at Valkenburg in Dutch Limburg, on the Geule River, seven miles east of Maestrict, in Holland, appears first of record in America, July 29, 1644, when he purchased of Jan Jacobsen, a house and plantation on the island of Manhattan, with twenty-five morgens of land adjoining. [Register of the Provincial Secretary of New Netherland, II, 121.] (Evjen's Scandinawan Immigrants in New York (page 406) erroneously places Lambert as a German from Falkenburg in Germany, having been misled by the similarity of place names). The grantor was Jan Jacobsen Stille van Vreelandt who died or left New Amsterdam soon after this sale.

Many years later the land became a part of the farm of Colonel Nicholas Bayard who died in 1707 -- This land is on the west side of the present Bowery from Canal Street to Broome Street. There is no record of the disposal of these twenty-five morgens (fifty acres) of land and the house of Lambert van Valckenburch. It is stated in The Iconography of Manhattan Island (VI,72) that he "may have surrendered this farm to the [West India] Company when he acquired the tract opposite to Kip's Bay plantation," later known as the Samler farm.

This latter property was of twenty-four morgens, granted by Director General Peter Stuyvesant to Lambert van Valckenburch, on May 15, 1649 -- It embraced what are now nine city blocks on the west side of Lexington Avenue from Twenty-Ninth to Thirty-Fifth Streets, and extended, westward, across what are now Park and Madison Avenues beyond Fifth Avenue from Thirty-First to Thirty-Third Street, and included the corner of the present Thirty-Third Street and Fifth Avenue, on which stood, until 1929 the southeastern part of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, and wherein 1931 was erected the Empire State Building, then the highest building in the world.

The confirmation of title to this property issued in 1668 [Libci- Patents, III, 43, Albany] by Richard Nicolls, Governor of the Province of New York, refers to the ground-brief from Stuyvesant to Lambert van Valckenburgh, dated May 15, 1649, covering 48 acres (24 morgens), and recites that the land was conveyed to Claes Martensen. This later owner is identified in the Iconography of Manhattan Island (VI,138), viz.:

Claes Martensen van Rosenvelt, the ancestor of the Roosevelt family, occupied the farm originally granted to Lambert van Valckenburgh, at least as early as 1635. Probably he sold his farm to Claes Martensen when he went north [1652]. Dingman Versteeg identified Martensen as Nicolas Martens, mentioned in a court record as early as August 26) 1638. He is said to have been the direct ancestor of Theodore Roosevelt who was born less than a half-mile distant.

The surname of Roosevelt was adopted by the children of Nicolas Martensen, in place of Nicolsen and Martensen, because Roosevelt was the name of the place in Holland from which their father had come to America.

On January 25, 164.4, a declaration of Olaf Stevensen van Cortland and Gysbert Opdyck refers to a statement of Lambert van Valckenburch respecting property of Peter Livesen deceased. {Register of the Provincial Secretary of New Netherland, II, 95-] Lambert Van Valckenburch seems to have resided upon the fifty-acre farm he purchased of Jan Jacobsen, at least until March 16, 1647, when he was granted, by the Director General of New Netherland, a patent for a lot on the south side of Fort Amsterdam, Manhattan Island.[ Land Papers of the Province of New Netherland, G.G., p. 192.]

Here he may have lived until he removed to Fort Orange about 1652, as his second farm, acquired May 15, 1649, was over two miles northward in a region sparsely settled, not well developed, and far beyond the defensive wall built across the island at Wall Street to protect the village around Fort Amsterdam from Indians and others. The house and garden location close under the southern wall of Fort Amsterdam was of such prominence and interest as to merit further notice.

The fort stood on the southwestern half of the site of the present U.S. customhouse. The distance from the fort to the harbor was much less then than it is now. This land patented to Lambert van Valckenburch was nine rods and one foot long (north and south) by one rod and three feet wide. The northern end of this lot would be about fifty to sixty feet south of the southwestern corner of the U.S. Customhouse; the southern end was directly upon the Strand, the narrow open space between the lot and the harbor. This position gave an unobstructed view, from the lot, over the entire harbor. The grant of the lot was made for the creation thereon of house and garden.

It was a corner lot bounded by open public ways on three sides. This land is outlined as lot No. 1, in Block H of the key to the famous ancient Castello plan of New Amsterdam. This plan depicts a house upon the southern end of the land, exactly in the east-and-west center of the southern end of Manhattan Island. As Lambert van Valckenburch was the first grantee of this land, and, as when he sold it in 1656 to Isaac Gravenraedt (Greveract), his house thereon was sold with the land, It is conceived that he built the house. This lot was one of the only three (all granted in 1647) south of the fort.

The lot next to the west was granted to, and patented by, Jan Evertsen Bout, the interpreter of the language of the Indians, and the other to Sergeant Huybertsen (the Englishman, James Hubbard). Lambert van Valckenburch removed to Fort Orange and Beverwyck (Albany) about four years before he sold this house and land to Gravenraedt in 1656, and, also, seemingly before his farm of forty-eight acres was entered upon by Claes Martensen in 1655 -- Gravenraedt sold the house and lot beside Fort Amsterdam to Pieter Jansen Clott of Mingaquy in New Yarsie March 23, 1670, when the house was described in the deed of sale as "an old Tennement." In 1673 the English commander of New York (New Amsterdam), Captain Colve, confiscated this house and lot, with the two others aforesaid, for military purposes. These houses are depicted in several of the earliest pictures of New Amsterdam.

The site of the original lot would be now a strip 148 1/2 feet long by 19 1/2 feet wide, beginning opposite the southwestern corner of the U.S. Customhouse in State Street, and running southward to near the center of Battery Park. A drawing in The Iconography of Manhattan Island [II, 273,274, 388) outlines the bounds of this land, as well as the boundaries of the farm bought in 1644 of Jan Jacobsen and of the farm secured in 1649 of Director General Stuyvesant.

Original Source: The Washington Ancestry and Records of the McClain, Johnson and Forty Other Colonial American Families
(Prepared for Edward Lee McClain by Charles Arthur Hoppin. Greenfield, Ohio - Privately Printed 1932)
Found Source: Contributed by Karl J. Van Valkenburgh
(Lambert Jochemse van Valckenburch of New Amsterdam, NAVVF Web SIte)



A. The Hoisting Crane. B. Southeast Bastion of Fort Amsterdam. C. White Horse Tavern. D. House, late of Dominie Bogardus, who married Anneke Jans, a Norwegian woman. E. Old Store-House of West India Co. F. The "Five Stone Houses" of West India Co. G. Brewery of West India Co. H. House of Cornelis Pietersen. I. House of Pieter van Couwenhoven. J. House of Jan Jansen Schepmoes. K. House of Gillis Pietersen. L. House of Eghbert von Borsum. M. House of Pieter Cornelissen van der Veen. N. House of Lambert van Valkenburgh, German. O. Schregers Hoek or Capoke. P. House of Hans Kiersted, who married Sara Rollefsen, a Norwegian woman. Q. Roelof Jansen Haes, a Norwegian. R. Pieter Cornelissen. S. Paulus Leendertsen van der Grift. T. New Store House of West India Co. U. Augustyn Herrman. German. V. Jacob Haes, husband of Christina Capoen Holgersen, Norwegian. W. Old Church and Lane.

From "New Amsterdam and It's People," by J. H. Innes; copyright, 1902, by Charles Scribner's Sons, New York


LAMBERT VAN VALKENBURG - Came to New Amsterdam from Holland before 1644. May have been married at the time as there is no record of his marriage in the New York early records; his wife's name was "Annatie" - there is one reference by a descendent that her name was Beekman but I have looked into this ans it seems to be due to a misinterpretation of the early record and would say the Annatie's family name is not given in any early American record.
He probably came in the service of the Dutch W I Company rather than as a settler and was given a grant of land in New Amsterdam 3/16/[16]47 and probably built on what is now the site of the "Battery". About 1652 he went to Fort Orange at Albany where there are records of his acting in a military capacity and also as sort of an under-sheriff and is frequently mentioned in suits where he has made service. He was a member of the church there before 1693. He died before 1697, as his widow requests title to the house and lot in Albany; title papers lost in the flood of 1666 - this was the sw corner of Green and Beaver Streets in Albany. (H.T. Van Valkenburgh, Van Valkenburg, Lambert Geneaology from H.T. Van Valkenburgh, (Personal Letter to Mr. H.J. Quilhot on 26 Nov 1941) from the Mont. County History Archieve, Fonda, New York).

ID: I2771 Name: Lambert Van Valkenburg (1)(2) Sex: M Birth: 1614 in Valkenburg, NET Death: 17 SEP 1704 in NY (3) Christening: 16 APR 1614 Millens, NET
Note: (2) Was in New Amsterdam as early as 1644. He received Prent for lNS March 16, 1646. He was not a colonist of Rensselaerwyck. Ref. Old Kinderhood by E. A. Collier, p. 99 Re: Lambert Van Valkenberg m. Annetje Jacobs Posted by: Lorine McGinnis Schulze Date: April 28, 1999 at 13:53:44 In Reply to: Re: Lambert Van Valkenberg m. Annetje Jacobs by Tim TILLYER of 252 There is no evidence that Lambert Van Valkenburg who m. Annetje Jacobse, had a father named Jochem. Although the VV Family (NAVVF) stubbornly clings to this lineage, Lambert has not been found in *ANY* primary source documents with any patronymic, let alone one of Jochemse. I have many court documents relating to Lambert and his name is always given as "Lambert Van Valkenburg" (with variant spellings). In the only two baptismal records found in New Netherland (in the Reformed Dutch Church New Amsterdam, which is present day NY City) Lambert uses *no* patronymic, thus we have no way of determining his father's name. As Tim Tillyer has pointed out in his message, findings published in the New York Genealogical & Biographical Record Vol. 112, #2 p. 79 indicate that Lambert Van Valckenburch [sic] was bpt at Millen on 16 Apr 1614 to Lambert Dryeskens [Andrieskens] van Valckenburch and wife Maria. At his marriage record 4 Jan 1642 in Amsterdam, Lambert's name is once more given simply as Lambert van Valckenburch, age 26, from Millen, with no parents. Again, the books on the VV Family, misinterpret the marriage intentions to mean "no parents living" but all that meant was that the parents were not present. It usually meant that the parents lived too far from the marriage place to attend. It does not mean the parents were necessarily deceased. It is known that Maria wife of Lambert Dryeskens VV died at Millen 20 Oct. 1650. So -- in summary, there is no proof that our Lambert VV had a father named Jochem, but there is very strong evidence that he did have a father named Lambert. Also, the VV book Vol 1 places Lambert's first appearance in New Netherland as July 29, 1644 when he bought a house and 25 morgens of land. However I have found an earlier document dated 25 Jan 1644 which places Lambert in New Netherland probably as early as 1643 (ships did not sail in the winter) 25 Jan. 1644: Declaration. Olof Stevensen (van Cortlandt) and Gysbert Opdyck as to a statement of Lambert van Valckenborch, respecting property of Peter Livesen, dec'd. [Source: Calendar of Historical Manuscripts in the office of the Secretary of State, Albany NY edited by EB O'Callaghan] Hopefully the NAVVF will correct this erroneous assumption of Lambert's name and his first appearance in New Netherland records, in their future newsletters or books. I will be happy to share the court records I have found with anyone who wishes them. Some are very interesting -- did you know that our Lambert was the official rattle watch of Fort Orange and Beverwyck? (Akin to being the town crier) Here is just the start of the court document I found which describes Lambert's duties: "Instructions issued by the honorable commissary and magistrates of Fort Orange and the village of Beverwyck for the rattle watch, appointed at the request of the burghers to relieve them of night-watch duty; to the rattle watch of which place Lambert van Valckenborgh and Pieter Winnen were appointed the 6th of July of this year 1659, on condition that they together are to receive for the term of one year one thousand and one hundred guilders in seawan and one hundred guilders in beavers. Lorine It is recorded that Lambert bought a house and 25 morgens (50 acres) of land on July 29, 1644, from Cornelis Jacobsen Van Vreelandt on the west side of the Bowery from Canal to Broome Streets. Later, on February 16, 1647 he received a grant from the Dutch West India Company to a lot south of the fort, next to Jan Evertsen. This is shown on the Tyler map of New York City and is recorded in the Dutch records in the City Clerk's office in New York City. Family legend indicates that Lambert was a minor official at the fort. On May 15, 1649, Peter Stuyvesant granted Lambert 50 acres of land embracing nine city blocks on the west side of Lexington Avenue from 29th to 35th Streets extending west across Park and Madison Avenues beyond 5th Avenue from 31st to 33rd Streets including the site of the Empire State Building. Soon Lambert would be moving to Beverwyck (Albany), NY so he sold this property to Claes Martensen Van Rosenvelt, ancestor of both Teddy and Franklin Delano Roosevelt. In 1703 his heirs owned a house and lot in "Ye Voddermark" bounded on the west by the burying ground and on the north an east by the highway (west corner of Green and Beaver Streets), Albany, NY. (Change Date: 5 OCT 2000)
Note from One World Tree by Fred L. Curry

(Editorial of Curry Piece by Michael Schuler 6-2-06, I think this piece has a lot of interesting Information but the Death Information I have a hard time believing and is not sourced or explained at all. Everything that I have read place Lambert's Death bef 1697 when has widow went into court to to given title to his estate and nothing in this piece explains away that.)

FAMILYSEARCH INFORMATION: Lambert has 3 AFN's that I found all of them connecting him to Jochem as a father or with the middle name of Jochemse. I have listed all three for search purposes but him does not have an AFN that connects him to the believe correct father of Lambert. (MAS 6-2-06) 
GOODHINES, Theresa (I03244)
112 Birth Information:
Harlon Lee Van Valkenburgh Grave Stone says he was born in 1895 but the Army Draft Notice says 1884 and I could not find either in the the NYS Archive Index.
(MAS 4-25-06)

Death Inforamtion::
(NYS Archive) Died 11-Feb-1938 in Cooperstowm, Otsego, New York, USA as Harlan Van Valkenburgh Cert #112243 (MAS 4-25-06)
(Obit from Unknown Paper) "SPRINGS MAN DIES OF AUTO INJURIES" Dateline Richfield Springs - Harland[Harlon] Van Valkenburgh, 42, died Thursday at Bassett Hospital, Cooperstown, following injuries suffered in an automobile accident last June. He was born in the Town of Warren, son of Lewis and Libbie Mathice[Mathise] Van Valkenburgh. He was a farmer in the Town of Springfield until about 10 years ago when he moved here where he was employed at the Jordanville limestone plant. He married Ida Crausway[Crossway], Cullen in 1914, who was burned to death in 1935. He is survived by nine children; Mrs Feed[Fred] Nole, Utica; Mrs Raymond White, Herkimer; Betty Bridgeport, Conn.; Harland[Harlon], Norwich; William, Jordanville; Rcihard of this village, and Ada, Barbara and Bernard, Portlandville. He leaves four sisters, Mrs. Burr Wood and Mrs. D. W. Finch, Jordanville; Mrs Samual Vrooman and Mrs. C. L. Hosford of this village, and three brothers, Harvey, Johnstown; Herbert, warren, and Clyde of this Village. The funeral will be held Sunday from the McGrath Funeral Home at 3 p.m. The Rev. George Carpenter, Springfield will officiate and interment will be at Jordanville.

Marriage Information: 
VAN VALKENBURGH, Harlon Lee (I02795)
113 Birth is based on the death date and age of 54 Yrs 4 Mths 21 Dys. This information is on the grave stone. - MAS 1-30-10 REISS, Joseph P. (I01301)
114 BIRTH no Record found (NAVVF Web Site)
based on Marriage Record he was born and living in Kinderhook (MAS 6-5-06)

BAPTISM Verification - there is no record of Abraham Van Valkenburg being Christened in 1684 in the FIRST DRC Records and I am not sure where the NAVVF got the date. I know that reocrds stop at 1683 and it seems odd that he would not have been christened before 1684 but I guess anything is possible. Since he is a direct Grandfather of my family more research should be done to find out where the date comes from. (MAS 6-5-06)

MARRIAGE: Church record; 18 May 1706 Abraham Van Valkenburg, y m, born & lives at Kinderhook, and Catelyntje Schermerhoorn, y d, born and lives at Albany Co; rec'd 2 Jun 1706. Married 18 May and recorded in the Church 2 June 1706 (NAVVF Web Site)

MARRIAGE Verfify with ALBANY DRC Listing on the Web the Listing for 18 May 1706
Part 2, 1700-?1724 Holland Society of New York (1905)
Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of Albany, New York, 1683?1809
Excerpted from Year Books of the Holland Society of New York
1706, May 18. Reg. Abraham Van Valkenburg, y.m., b. and l. at K., and Catelyntje Schermerhoorn, y.d., b. and l. in A. Co. Recd. cert., June 2
GOODHINES, William (I03240)
115 BIRTH OneWorldTree listed his birth in Western, NY which may be true and his partents may have come back to get him christened but more research is required. The Date is Correct based on the RDC, Herkimer records but no birth place is given and at this point I have not hard evidence of where they lived. GARDENIER, Nicolaes (I03404)
116 Birth Record:

(NYS Archive Microfilm Brith Index) Madeline B. Bose born on 1-Jun-1921 in Columbia, Herkimer, New York, USA Birth Record Number #49331 (MAS 4-25-06)

Death Record:

Madeline Died in the Winter of 1998 and was buried in Highland Rural Cemetary the following spring the burial service was attending by myself (Michael Schuler) and all of her direct family. (MAS 4-25-06) 
LORDEN, Ellen (I02784)
117 BIRTH: About 1586, perhaps in or near Ipswich, co. Suffolk, England.
FIRST MARRIAGE: Mary Norris on 4 November 1611 at Leiden, Holland.
SECOND MARRIAGE: Fear Brewster, about 1626, at Plymouth, the daughter of William Brewster.
THIRD MARRIAGE: Joanna Swinnerton, sometime between 1634 and 1644, probably at Marblehead.
CHILDREN (by Mary): Bartholomew, Remember, Mary, an unnamed child buried in Leiden, and a stillborn son born in Plymouth Harbor.
CHILDREN (by Fear): Sarah and Isaac.
DEATH: Between 1 and 12 February 1658/9 at New Haven.
Isaac Allerton may have come from the vicinity of Ipswich, co. Suffolk, England. He first appears in Leiden, Holland records on 4 November 1611, when he married Mary Norris. Isaac had a sister named Sarah who also resided in Leiden, and who married future Mayflower passenger Degory Priest. He was probably also related, perhaps a brother, to Mayflower passenger John Allerton.

Isaac Allerton is one of the most complex figures in early Plymouth Colony. He was elected assistant to Governor Bradford in 1621, and continued in that capacity well into the 1630s. He was the individual sent to handle most of the buyout negotiations with the London investors that ccommenced in 1627, and continued through the early 1630s. Allerton soon began to take advantage of his position by engaging in some personal trading deals, and engaging the Pilgrims' joint-stock company in business ventures they had not authorized. After driving the colony deeper into debt with ill-advised business opportunities, he was eventually removed and replaced by Edward Winslow. After the death of his wife Fear in 1634, he retreated to the New Haven Colony and married there to Joanna Swinnerton.

Allerton became an active merchant trader, engaging in transactions and trade with many neighboring colonies including the Dutch at New Netherlands; New Sweden; Virginia; Massachusetts Bay; and Barbados. 
ALLERTON, Isaac (I4152)
118 BIRTH: Abt 1575 from Web Site No further Info (NAVVF Web Site) DREISBACK, Catherine (I03295)
119 BIRTH: Abt 1600 from Website no other information (NAVVF Web SIte)

MARRIAGE: before 14 Apr 1617 by a specific nuptial agreement (NAVVF Web SIte)
DREISBACK, Jost (Joseph) (I03296)
120 Birth: Abt 1608 is based on Christening date. (MAS 6-2-06) VAN VALKENBURG, Alfred (I03300)
121 BIRTH: Abt 1609 from Web Site for further info (NAVVF Web Site)

SOURCE: Leyn (Cathalina) accompanied her brother Andries on 24 Mar 1653 to give him her share of their parents inheritance (NAVVF Web Site) 
VAN VALKENBURG, Maria C (I03301)
122 Birth: Unknown but based from Marriage Record of Leontius (son) to be about 1685 SCHULER, Balshasar (I8461)
123 BIRTH: Abt 1611 based on Christening (MAS 6-2-06)
NOTE: 1653 mentioned in Millen (NAVVF Web SIte) 
VAN VALKENBURG, Andries (I03303)
124 BIRTH: Based on Christening Date (MAS 6-2-06)
CHRISTENING: sponsors: Johannes Van den Bosch and Anna, wife of Hermanus Peumans (NAVVF Web Site) 
VAN VALKENBURG, Mrs Andries (I03304)
125 Birth: Date based upon marriage record suggesting Joanne was under 20 in 1774 "....the honest adolescent..." SPITZ, Sebastian (I00643)
126 BIRTH: Estimated from marriage records FISCHER, Maria Magdalena (I00644)
127 BIRTH: no known record
MARRIAGE: Church record
DEATH: will probated 6 Dec 1791

WILL: will Bk A pg 206; names the following:
John, Abraham, Mary Suckey, Amme and Joachem

(From Van Valkenburgh Website) 
ROSANAH, Frances (I03237)
128 Born at 2:02 AM by Doctor W. W. Harrington & Nurse Martha E. Foster SANFORD, Samuel H. (I01245)
129 Born on a Thursday morning at the New England Hospital in Roxbury. Parents lived on Thayer Road ( Source: Newspaper announcement.)

Sigma Nu Fraternity, Zeta Epsilon Chapter # 57. April 26, 1950 (Life Member)

June 27, 1950, Norman & Grace bought 10,000 sg ft lot 23 and Cape house for $10,500.00 , # 6 Keyes Rd Billerica from Michael H & Margaret V. Pichowicz.

July 27, 1965, Norman & Grace Schuler bought lot 6 on Lake Massapoag from Carrol & Leah Allenwith a loan from Howard Haas for $5000.00 @ 5 1/4 % interest for 15 years.

July 26, 1973, Norman & Grace Schuler sold lot 6 and buildings to Domenic W. Locapo & John Marriner for $25000.00
SCHULER, Norman William (I00001)
130 Born on a Thursday morning at the New England Hospital in Roxbury. Parents lived on Thayer Road ( Source: Newspaper announcement.) - NWS SCHULER, Norman William (I00001)
131 Born: Emerson Hospital, May 25, 1957 at 2:51 PM Saterday HUNT, Ebenezer (I01680)
132 Born: Emerson Hospital, May 25, 1957 at 2:51 PM Saterday HUNT, Ebenezer (I01680)
133 BRITH About 1662 comes from Schermerhorn Family Genealogy(See Master list for exact sourcing)

SURNAME Like many Dutch names they can be spelled any number of ways but the Schermerhorn Published Genealogy Uses the *horn and not the *born so I have chosen to use the *horn (MAS 6-4-06)

Excerpt from Schermerhorn Genealogy and Famly Chronicles (See Master Sources for exact sourcing)

The Schodack Branch [ of the Schermerhorn Family]

The town of Schodack, Rensselaer Co., N. Y. was organized Mch. 17, 1795, although the name of Schodack as applied to the locality was known at the time of the very earliest settlement of upper New York and used since then. The original name was "Esquatack," or "Ischodack," "fire-place of the nation," so called by the Mohican Indians. This was their principal village and stronghold, and here it was that their council fires intermittently burned. Uncas, the eminent chief and sachem in Connecticut, sometimes presided, it is believed, over a great assembly of the Mohican warriors as they gathered on the heights of "Esquatack." It is also believed that it was here Henry Hudson landed on his voyage up the river which was later to bear his name, though called in those days by the Indians, the "Shatemuc." The character of this locality tallies most closely with that of the landing place described in the journal of the voyage.

Schodack includes the villages of Castleton, Schodack Landing, Schodack Depot, South Schodack, East Schodack, Muitzeskill, and Schodack Centre. Schodack Landing is about thirteen miles below Albany and in this locality lay the ancient Schermerhorn farm mentioned as early as 1688 in the will of Jacob Janse Schermerhorn, and occupied at that time by his son Jacob. Other Colonial records indicate his ownership of land in Schodack as early as 1671 and 1676.

The old Dutch Reformed Church at Schodack is the connecting link between the present day and the community's historic past. The original church was built of logs and was located, it is understood, near the present burying-ground at Schodack Landing. Another larger church was built and continued until united with those of Kinderhook and Claverack. The date of the origin of this church is not known and can only be conjectured. In 1810 the church was removed from Schodack Landing to Muitzeskill where a new building was erected. When this was destroyed by fire in 1876, it was immediately rebuilt and this is the edifice which stands there to-day. The church records show that a regular pastor preached at Schodack as early as 1756. There are no baptismal or marriage records previous to 1770 in existence, the earlier ones having been destroyed or lost. By comparing baptismal records, however, it would appear that the majority of Schodack families of whom there is record, had their children baptised at Kinderhook and Albany previous to 1787 or 1788. These two latter churches undoubtedly were the mainstays, earlier than the actual time of the formal organization of the Schodack Church in 1788.

Soon after his marriage, Jacob J. Schermerhorn settled on the "farm at Schotak" owned by his father, and in this region many generations of Schermerhorns have lived and thrived. Most of them in the early days were farmers, and others maintained an extensive shipping business which was controlled by the family until a recent day, and in fact some of the living members are still interested in a shipping business which provides for the transportation of farm produce directly from the farming districts of this neighborhood to the market in New York City. The Schermerhorns have always been one of the leading families in this section of Rensselaer County, and at one time were by far the greatest land-owners, the fact being that during a certain period, Col. Cornelius I. Schermerhorn owned or had an interest in the majority of farms in the Schodack neighborhood. It was this branch of the family which furnished most of the soldiers of the family, particularly during the Revolution. They were staunch patriots and contributed in great degree to the support of the Revolutionary campaigns in New York State, several rising to distinguished rank in their regiments. During the early Colonial wars, they were also actively engaged, and in the War of 1812 and Civil War, they bore a full share. Many of this family also have risen to prominence in the professions and in business life, and they are now scattered in many places throughout the country. In Schodack and the neighborhood but few remain, although the name is still familiar and wholly respected. The old Dutch Reformed Church of Schodack has borne Schermerhorns for its officers since its organization, and the name is still represented there.
UPHAM, Mary (I03251)
134 BRITH abt 1683 from NAVVF Web Site SCHERMERHORN, Jacob Jacobse (I03265)
135 BRITH from christening (MAS 6-4-06) VAN VALKENBURG, Engeltie (I03333)
136 Brought to New England by her father in 1638. During the Indian attack which
killed her husband, Elizabeth was very ill in bed in the house of Rev.John
Wilson who was a physician as well as a minister and had her under his care.
During the battle, a gun in the hands of Capt. John Jacob accidentally
discharged in the room below and the ball passed through her as she lie in
her bed and resulted in her death the next day.
ADAMS, Joseph (I01586)
137 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. VANCE, Nelson Edwin (I01481)
138 Buried in the D.W.Clark grave plot is Grandville Abercrombie 7/12/1907. Family r
elationship unknown.

SOURCE: All of Clark family records (except where noted) are from Glenwood
Cemetry records.
SANFORD, Walter E. (I01697)
139 Captured by Indians 2 Aug 1780 and held captive for many years. She never married, and lived with her parents. BRONNER, Sophronia (I4234)
140 Carrie F HACKETT is the twin of Clara F. Hackett and was married to Henry F.
HACKETT, George Edward (I00778)
141 Cemetery listing states she died in 1847 and was 2 yrs old but that is ARCHER, Anna E (I03535)
142 Charles BUISSON died of myocarditis at the age of 52 years.
S0URCE:Marriage Registration for the Town of Marlboro, Massachuetts, 1895
Vol.452, Pg.284
BUISSON, Joseph (I00811)
143 Charles P Schell Photo 
SMITH, Samuel G (I04116)
i. MARGARET3 DANIELS7, b. October 27, 16227
3. ii. ELIZABETH DANIELS7, b. 1630, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts8; d. January 27, 1721/22, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts8; m. THOMAS FANNING/FENNING9 May 17, 165510.
4. iii. SAMUEL DANIELS11, b. 1633, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts12; d. 1695, Medfield, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts12; m. (3) MARY GRANT, May 10, 167112.
5. iv. JOSEPH DANIELS, b. 1635, or abt 1640?, Medfield, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts; d. June 23, 1715, Medfield, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts.
6. v. SARAH DANIELS, b. 1640, Medfield, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts12; d. January 1717/18, Hampton, New Hampshire.
vi. MARY DANIELS13, b. September 02, 1642, Medfield, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts14; d. April 10, 1688, Deerfield, Franklin Co., Massachusetts14; m. SAMSON FRAIRY15, Bet. 1656 - 1659, Medfield, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts15. MARY DANIELS slain by Indians at or near Deerfield in 170415
vii. THOMAS DANIELS, b. Abt. 1643, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts?16; d. September 06, 1644, Watertown, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts?16. 
SHEFFIELD, Deborah (I02583)
145 Clara F. HACKETT is the twin of Carrie F. HACKETT and was married to a man by
the name of S. Lake
LINCOLN, Lavinia Maria (I00779)
146 Columbia County was part of Westchester County at the time. SHAFER, Hannah (I8354)
147 Compiled by James S. Elston, Ancestors of Francis Walker and Sarah Effie Vinton Kelley (Bulington, Vermont, Chedwato Service, 1964).  
148 Considering my limited interest in this family. I have just done a county search and assumed James T Murphy is the one from German Flatts. This may or may not be true and more research should be done to prove this.

MAS 8-20-15 
MURPHY, James T (I4251)
149 Crimmons, Frank 
HANNIGAN, John Joseph (I04091)
150 Daniel died in infancy.
ADAMS, Daniel (I00048)

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