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201 Gertude Eldredge married a person by the name of Singleton.
ELDREDGE, Ethel May (I00749)
202 Giles Hopkins
19 January 1682/3

To all Christian people to whome these presents shall com know ye that I Giles Hopkins of Eastham being sick and weak of Body and yet of perfit memory do declare this as my Last will and Testament on this ninteenth day of January in ye year of our Lord 1682

I bequeath my Body to ye grave in decent burial when this Temporal Life of mine shall have an end and my soul to god that gave it in hopes of a blessed Resurection at ye Last day

2ly my will is that my son Stephen Hopkins shall possess and Injoy all my Upland and meadow Lying and being at Satuckit that is to say all my upland and meadow on ye southerly side of ye bounds of ye Towne of eastham that is to say all my Right and title Intrest and claime to all those Lands from ye head of Namescakit to ye southermost part of ye long pond where mannomoyet cart way goes over to Satuckit and from thence to ye head of manomoyet river and so as our Line shall run over to ye south sea all ye Lands between thos bounds and ye westermost bounds of ye purchesers at satuckit river all these Lands I give Unto my son Stephen Hopkins and to his heirs forever: and half my stock of cattill for and in consideration of ye above sd Land and half stock of cattel my will is that after my decease my son Stephen Hopkins shall take ye care and oversight and maintaine my son William Hopkins during his natural Life in a comfortable decent manner.

3ly my will is that all my Lands at Palmet both purchesed and unpurchesed both meadows and upland and all my Lands at Pochet and my third part of Samsons neck and what other Lands shall fall unto me as a purcheser from ye fore mentioned Bounds of my son Stephen Hopkinses Lands and potanomacot all these fore specified Lands I give unto my sons Caleb and Joshua Hopkins to be equaly devided between them: further my will is that if either of my sons Joshua or Caleb Hopkins dye having no Issew that then these Lands which I have given them to be equally devided between them fall to him that surviveth.

4ly. I give unto my wife Catorne Hopkins and to my son William Hopkins the improvment of too acres of meadow Lying at ye head of Rock Harbor during my wifes Life and ye one half of that too acres I give Unto my son william during his Life and after ye decease of and after ye decease of my wife and son william I do give this above sd too acres of meadow to my son Joshua Hopkins and his heirs forever: as also after my decease I give Unto my son Joshua Hopkins a parcel of meadow Lying at ye mouth of Rock Harbor according to ye bounds thereof specified in ye Towne Records of Lands: it I give unto my son Caleb Hopkins a parcel of meadow Lying at Little Nameskeket according to ye bounds thereof specified in ye Towne Book of Records of Lands.

It. I give unto my wife my now dwelling House and halfe my Land and halfe my orchard that is by my house: by Land I mean half my Land that is about my house both fenced and Unfenced during my wifes natural Life, and then ye above sd housing and Lands to fall unto my son Joshua Hopkins; the other half of my Land and orchard I give to my son Joshua Hopkins after my death that is to say ye other half of my Lands Liying about my house.

It. I give unto my son Caleb Hopkins one pair of plow Irons.

It. I give Unto my son Joshua Hopkins one payer of plow Irons.

It. I give Unto my son Joshua Hopkins my carte and wheels.

It. I give unto my wife ye other half of my stock and moveables I say to my wife and my son William or what parse of ye moveables my wife shall see cause to bestow on my son William Hopkins.

It. I do appoint my son Stephen Hopkins to be my true and Lawful executor of this my Last will and testament to pay what is payable and Receive what is due.

And to ye truth and verity hereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seal ye day and year above written.

Signed and sealed
in presence of us, ye mark of
Jonathan Sparrow.
Giles Hopkins (seal)
Samuel Knowles.

Jonathan Sparrow and Samuel Knowles witnesses to this will made oath in Court ye: 16 th: of April 1690 that they saw ye above sd Giles Hopkins signe seal and declare this to be his Last will and Testament.

Attest Joseph Lothrop. Clerk.

I ye above sd Giles Hopkins do declare where as by ye providence of God my Life has been prolonged unto me and by Reason of age and disabillity of Body Lam Incapatiated to provide for my owne support and my wifes, my will further is that my son Stephen Hopkins from this time and forward shall possess and Injoy all my stock and moveable estate provided he take effectual care for mine and my wifes Comfortable Support during our natural Lives witness my hand and seal this fifth day of march 1688/9.

Witness Mark Snow
Giles Hopkins (seal)
Jonath Sparrow

The within mentioned Mark Snow and Jonathan Sparrow made oath in Court April ye: 16 : 1690 that they saw Giles Hopkins within mentioned signe seal and declare ye latter part of this will within mentioned to be his Last will and Testament. Attest. Joseph Lothrop, Clerk.

Duly Compared with the original and entered April ye: 22 : 1690. Attest. Joseph Lothrop, Recorder. 
HOPKINS, Giles Mayflower Passenger 1620 (I01427)
203 Godparents: Andre Leveque & Josephte Leveque LEVESQUE, Andre Noel (I1089)
204 Grave Memorial

In Memory of HENRY ADAMS who took his flight from the Dragon persecution in Devonshire in England, and alighted with eight sons, near Mount Wollaston. One of the sons returned to England, and after taking time to explore the country, four removed to Medfield and the neighboring towns; two to Chelmsford. One only, Joseph, who lies here at his left hand, remained here, who was an original proprietor in the township of Briantree, incorporated in 1639. This stone and several others have been placed in this yard, by a great-great grandson, from a veneration of the Piety, humility, simplicity, prudence, patience, temperance, frugality, industry and perseverance, of his Ancestors, in hopes of Recommending an imitation of their virtures to their posterity. ... Erected December, 1823. 
ADAMS, Henry the Immigrant (I01582)
205 Hannah Baldwin was the daughter of Nathaniel Baldwin (1645-1714) and Hannah Botsford (1645-1686). The ancestry on the Baldwin side dates back to Richard Baldwin of Cholesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, who died in 1553. His great grandson, the grandfather of Hannah, Esther, and Elizabeth, born in Cholesbury, England, came to America and settled in Milford, Connecticut, where he died in 1650. Nathaniel Baldwin was a quite successful and prominent man at Milford. Hannah Botsford/Botchford was the daughter of Henry Botchford of Milford, one of the pioneer settlers.
Thomas Sanford Genealogy c., 1911, pp. 106-107
BALDWIN, Hannah (I00413)
206 He settled, with the other three brothers, in Medfield, Mass.; was Ensign and Selectman, and Representative of Medfield in the General Court in 1689, in 1692 and in 1702. He died in Medfield, 12 Nov., 1716, "the last of the original settlers." ADAMS, Ensign Edward (I01562)
207 Henry and all his known ancestors were Yeomen famers from Barton St. David, Somersetshire, England. Henry was also a maltster.371

A 1693 bible that likely belonged to a child of his daughter Ursula lists his birth as 21 Jan 1583. The data in the bible, except for easily explainable typo errors, comports where possible with available vital records. The data also compares with the common estimate of 1583, based on Henry's service as executor of his father's will in 1604.

Henry married at Charlton Mackrell, a neighboring parish to Barton St. David. (He did not, as is sometimes said, marry "Charlotte Mackrell".) His wife Edith Squire was the daughter of the blacksmith Henry Squire. Henry shows up as co-executor of his brother John's will in 1609, the same year he signed his marriage bond in 1609. His son Thomas was baptized in Barton St. David in 1612. Then between 1614 and 1622 he moved to the ajoining parish of Kingweston where his youngest children were baptized. His last child Edward was baptized there in 1629.

Henry was probably influenced by Edith's sister Ann Purchase to come to New England, since the local ministers were not Puritans. The year of his removal is fixed by a deposition in 1656 by his son, John ADAMS, who stated that he had known a certain field in Cambridge (MA) since 1638. The earliest record of Henry in New England was 24 Feb 1639/40, when he was granted 40 acres of Braintree (now Quincy), for a family of ten heads; himself, wife Edith, sons; Henry, Thomas, Samuel, Peter, John, Joseph and Edward, and dau Urusla. His son Jonathan remained in England a dozen years longer.

Henry's widow Edith (SQUIRE) ADAMS married 2) John FUSSELL of Weymouth, Norfolk, MA where he bought the house of Richard SYLVESTER (1640) of the "Mary and John" of 1630. John FUSSELL born abt 1577) was burned in this house by Indians abt 1676. He may have come from county Somersetshire, England whre the name flourished and been acquainted the ADAMS'es and
SQUIRE'es. They had a child, Mary FUSSELL, who married Nathaniel ADAMS in 1677. (History of Weymouth, 3:245). Thre is another ADAMS memorial in the Stair Hall in New England Historic Genealogical Society in Boston:

"A memorial to HENRY ADAMS founder of Braintree the ancestor of two presidents also to his sixth son JOHN ADAMS baptized at Kingweston England 4 Dec. 1622 settled at Menotomy Cambridge where he died 1706 created by their descendant Edward Dean Adams 1924."
Children of Henry 1) & Edith 1) (SQUIRE) ADAMS: Henry , Thomas, Jonathan, Samuel, Ursula, Peter, John, Joseph, Edward ADAMS MARY AND JOHN 1630 vol 17 241p5-6;

Anc of Adams Prez: (Anc of Amer Prez, Boyle):
.............. 3 Joseph Adams 1625/26 - 1694
.................... +Abigail Baxter 1634 - 1692
...................... 4 Joseph Adams 1654 - 1736/37
............................ +Hanna Bass Unknown -
.............................. 5 John (Dea.) Adams 1690/91 - 1761
.................................... +Susanna Boyslan 1708/09 - 1797
...................................... 6 John (Pres.) Adams 1735 - 1826
............................................ +Abigail Smith 1744 - 1818
............................................... 7 John Quincy (Pres.) Adams 1767 - 1848

Henry Adams was known popularly as The Founder of New England, probably because of the extraordinary number (89) of his grandchildren.371

Gravestone in his memory erected by Pres. Adams in Hancock Cemetery in Braintree. Henry is likely buried there, as it was the old burying ground for Briantree, but had no stone originally. His son Joseph, grandson Joseph, Joseph's son Pres. John, and Pres. John Q. are also buried in the family plot.

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ADAMS, Edward (I01574)
208 Henry is twin on John
HILL, Rachel (I01871)
209 Her birth date is based on the gravestone which states that she was 77yrs old when she died. I have found no proof that affirms that is was the child of Peter and Christina other then the two A Ross Eckler books.

The Geisenburg Church records for that time period are lost to history. No Church Records has been found for her birth or baptism.

MAS 6-7-09 
ECKLER, Effa (I03439)
210 His death and birth in FindAGrave and Gramps Tree do not match and more research need to be done.

-MAS 7-11-17 
SILVER, Joseph C. (I01205)
211 His Will is on File in Herkimer, New York, A Ross Eckler, Eckler Book (See Source) FITCH, Llewellyn R. (I03436)
212 Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Priest: Rev. Alex. Martin, S.J.
Witnesses: Valentin Rheinhart
Catherine Hinkend 
Family F00560
213 I find it hard that they lived in Aurora and are buried in East Aurora since they are 2 Hours apart but that is what the sources say. More research is required I think it is most likely a New York village thing and they were from East Aurora.

MAS 3-31-14 
FILLMORE, Nathaniel Jr. (I3808)
214 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. GOGOL, Janet L (I02816)
215 I know that Harold left his Family in Otsego Co, New York but I have no idea where he went but thought this would be a good quess to check out so I either have to talk to someone or check it out.( MAS 6-1-06) RILEY, Frank E. (I02936)
216 In 1902 John was an "operative" living with his father at 315 Mohawk in Herkimer. He was a capenter, and lived in Herkimer. ("Three Pioneers of Stark: Jacob Bronner, John Fetterly, John Shaul and their Descendants", A. Ross Eckler) HAMILTON, Robert (I03186)
217 in 77th Year, Second Congregational Church Records, Medway, MA from "Vital Records of Medway, Massachusetts, to the year 1850", NEHGS, 1905: Page 286 BULLARD, Amos (I01520)
218 in 80th Year, Second Congregational Church Records, Medway, MA from "Vital Records of Medway, Massachusetts, to the year 1850", NEHGS, 1905: Page 283 ADAMS, Candace (I01521)
219 IN MEMORIAM: Alice A. Ouellette '35, B.Ed.'48 died in the summer of 2001. She had been living in Brookline, N.H.

According to Keene State Website 
MOYER, Effie S (I02841)
220 in the first general sickness TILLEY, John Mayflower Passenger 1620 (I8414)
221 In the Village of Deck Family F01167
222 In the Village of Deck BROOKMAN, Betsy Maria (I03123)
223 Information from in Death Notice from V.J. Iocovozzi Funeral Home

Ada Celi
Tuesday, August 31, 2004
5:00 PM until 8:00 PM

Petykiewicz, Iocovozzi, & Burns Funeral Home
329 S. Washington St.
Herkimer, NY 13350

Wednesday, September 1, 2004
1:00 PM

Sts. Anthony And Joseph Church
Herkimer, NY 13350


Mrs. Ada Celi

Herkimer - Mrs. Ada Marie Celi, 75, of 338 Dewey Ave passed away Sunday, August 29, 2004 in Little Falls Hospital.

She was born in Richfield Springs on July 21, 1929, the daughter of the late Harlon and Ida Mae Crossway Van Valkenburgh and schools there. She was married to Sam Celi on November 24, 1947 in St. Anthony´s Church, Herkimer a blessed union of 56 years. Mrs. Celi was employed as a Customer Service Representative for Duofold, Mohawk for many years until her retirement in 1988. She was a Communicant of Sts. Anthony and Joseph Church.

Ada is survived by her beloved husband, Sam Celi; one daughter & son in law, Sharon & Harold Gregory of Mohawk; three sons, Charles Celi of Herkimer, David Celi of Tulsa, OK and Christian Celi of Ilion; her cherished grandchildren, Jason, Jami, Kimberly, Rochelle, Tiffany, Michael, Andrew, Samantha, Patrick, Jonathon and Angela; three great Grandchildren, Thaddeus, Madison and Savahnah; one brother, Richard Van Valkenburgh of SC and several nieces, nephews and cousins. She was predeceased by one daughter, Judith Marie Celi, one grandson, Christian Celi, two brothers, Harlon Van Valkenburgh and William Van Valkenburgh and four sisters, Barbara White, Esther White, Betty Gogol and Mildred Noll

Her funeral will be held Wednesday afternoon at 12:30 from the Petykiewicz, Iocovozzi, & Burns Funeral Home, 329 S. Washington St. Herkimer and at 1:00 in Sts. Anthony And Joseph Church where a Mass of Christian Burial will be Celebrated by the Rev. Anthony Ligato, Pastor. Interment will be in Calvary Cemetery. Calling Hours will be Tuesday from 5-8 at the Petykiewicz, Iocovozzi, & Burns Funeral Home
Family F01038
224 It is believed that Leontius, Balthaser son, Leontius , a shoemaker, was the first Schuler in Joehlingen. In the old courtprotocolis, Iris Esswein town historian, found Balthasar came from Hechingen which is about 150 km south east of Joehlingen.

The Castle of Hohensollern sits 855m above the villiage of Hechingen. (see pictures)

It is considered home to the Hohenzollern family that came to power during the Middle Ages and ruled Prussia and Brandenburg until the end of World War I. The castle was originally constructed in the first part of the 11th century. It was completely destroyed after a 10-month siege in 1423.

A second, larger and sturdier castle was constructed from 1454 to 1461. At the end of the 18th century, the castle was thought to have lost its strategic importance and gradually fell into disrepair leading to the demolition of several dilapidated buildings.

The third version of the castle, which stands today, was constructed between 1846 and 1867. No member of the Hohenzollern family took residence in this third castle until 1945, when it became home to the last Prussian Crown Prince Wilhelm. Prince Wilhelm and his wife Crown Princess Cecile are buried there.

Among the historical artifacts of Prussian history contained in the castle today are the Crown of Wilhelm II and some of the personal effects of Fredrick the Great. 
SCHULER, Balshasar (I8461)
225 It is spectulated that Rev. Mayo married the widow of William Lumpkin BREYCK, Tamsen (I00469)
226 James Edward WINNIER is the twin to Albert Joseph WINNIER
BERRY, Judith (I00737)
227 Jameson-History Of Medway (Seem to have some errors ) - Holliston Historical
Society document LG 22

John was the immigrant ancestor and an original proprietor of Medfield. He
came to Medfield from Dedham with his brother William and probably his sister,

His house and barn with a quantity of grain and several head of cattle were
burned at the time of an Indian raid in 1676.

Source: Partridge pedigre - Holliston Historical Library

John Partridge was the 8th great grandfather of Norman W. Schuler
PARTRIDGE, Captain John (I00162)
228 Jameson-History Of Medway (Seem to have some errors ) - Holliston Historical
Society document LG 22 
BULLARD, Magdalen (I00163)
229 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F00580
230 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MOYER, Jennifer Lee (I01910)
231 Joan (Hurst) Rogers is the daughter of William and Rose Hurst and widow of Thomas Rogers (no relation to Thomas Rogers of the Mayflower) Family F3122
232 Joan Hurst was born in 1567/8 in Henlow, Bedford, England, the daughter of William and Rose Hurst. She married first to Thomas Rogers in 1593 (not related to the Mayflower passenger Thomas Rogers). With her husband Thomas, she had a daughter Joan, baptized on 26 May 1594 in Henlow. When Thomas died, around 1594 or thereabouts, she remarried to John Tilly in 1596.

John and Joan (Hurst)(Rogers) Tilley came on the Mayflower in 1620, bringing with them daughter Elizabeth. Joan, along with her husband, died the first winter at Plymouth, orphaning their 13-year old daughter Elizabeth in the New World. Elizabeth would later marry to Mayflower passenger John Howland. 
HURST, Joan Mayflower Passenger 1620 (I8415)
233 Joanne M. Jameson

PORTSMOUTH - Joanne M. (Murphy) Jameson, 59, wife of David A. Jameson, of 1 Freedom Circle #14, died Saturday, July 13, 2002 at her home.

Source: Portsmouth Herald Obituaries

She was born In Boston on March 22, 1943, the daughter of Emma A. (Eveleth) Miller and the late Edward Murphy.

Joanne was formerly employed for Celestica.

Besides her husband and her mother, Emma Miller, and stepfather, Robert Miller, of Portsmouth, survivors include two daughters, Lisa Delisle and her husband, Rick, of Wakefield, and their children, Zack, Cecily and Haley; and Kim Love and her husband, Victor, of Portsmouth, and their children, Ashley, Nick, Jonathan, and Alex; a sister, Marilyn Mosher of Portsmouth; a brother, Paul Murphy of Eliot, Maine.

A brother, Robert Murphy, predeceased her.

JAMESON - Joanne M. (Murphy) Jameson, 59, of 1 Freedom Circle #14, Portsmouth, died July 13, 2002. Funeral services will be held at the J. Verne Wood Funeral Home - Buckminster Chapel, 84 Broad Street, Portsmouth, Tuesday at 11 a.m. Friends are invited. Visiting hours will be held at the funeral home Monday, 6-8 p.m. Flowers will be accepted, or memorial contributions may be made to Seacoast Hospice, 10 Hampton Road, Exeter, NH 03833
HARDING, Molly (I02104)
234 Joehlingen Parish Records (Catholic) LDS Roll 1052129


Date: 28 Apr 1733
Groom's Name: Leontius Schuler
Bride's Name: Maria Johanna Schorle

Groom's Father: Balthasari Schuler
Bride's Father: Andreae Schorle

Place: Katholisch,Joehlingen,Karlsruhe,Baden
Family F3144
235 John and his brother Daniel received in 1721 by deed from their father, the
latter's hundred acre farm located near the present center of Lincoln. John
died at 28.
ADAMS, John (I00209)
236 John and Mary had a large family, at least 10 children.
WING, Abigail (I01362)
237 John and Sarah had eight children including Samuel.
MITCHELL, Cora C. (I01249)
238 John by Marcus in later life but all early records list him as John or John M. BOSE, John Marcus (I02943)
239 John held the office of Deacon in the Church of Christ in Medway from 1732 to his death in 1754. His son George Barber was elected to the office Aug. 7, 1756 SCHULER, Charles (I02153)
240 John Howland

29 May 1672

The Last Will and Testament of mr John howland of Plymouth late Deceased, exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth the fift Day of March Anno Dom 1672 on the oathes of mr Samuell ffuller and mr William Crow as followeth

Know all men to whom these prsents shall Come That I John howland senir of the Towne of New Plymouth in the Collonie of New Plymouth in New England in America, this twenty ninth Day of May one thousand six hundred seaventy and two being of whole mind, and in Good and prfect memory and Remembrance praised be God; being now Grown aged; haveing many Infeirmities of body upon mee; and not Knowing how soon God will call mee out of this world, Doe make and ordaine these prsents to be my Testament Containing herein my last Will in manor and forme following;

Imp I Will and bequeath my body to the Dust and my soule to God that Gave it in hopes of a Joyfull Resurrection unto Glory; and as Concerning my temporall estate, I Dispose thereof as followeth;

Item I Doe give and bequeath unto John howland my eldest sonne besides what lands I have alreddy given him, all my Right and Interest To that one hundred acres of land graunted mee by the Court lying on the eastern side of Tauton River; between Teticutt and Taunton bounds and all the appurtenances and privilidges Therunto belonging, T belonge to him and his heirs and assignes for ever; and if that Tract should faile, then to have all my Right title and Interest by and in that Last Court graunt to mee in any other place, To belonge to him his heires and assignes for ever;

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Jabez howland all those my upland and Meadow That I now posesse at Satuckett and Pamet, and places adjacent, with all the appurtenances and privilidges, belonging therunto, and all my right title and Interest therin, To belonge to him his heires and assignes for ever,

Item I Give and bequeath unto my son Jabez howland all that my one peece of land that I have lying on the southsyde of the Mill brooke, in the Towne of Plymouth aforsaid; be it more or lesse; and is on the Northsyde of a feild that is now Gyles Rickards senir To belonge to the said Jabez his heirs and assignes for ever;

Item I give and bequeath unto Isacke howland my youngest sonne all those my uplands and meddows Devided and undivided with all the appurtenances and priviliges unto them belonging, lying and being in the Towne of Middlebery, and in a tract of Land Called the Majors Purchase near Namassakett Ponds; which I have bought and purchased of William White of Marshfeild in the Collonie of New Plymouth; which may or shall appeer by any Deed or writinges Together with the aformentioned prticulares To belonge to the said Isacke his heirs and assignes for ever;

Item I give and bequeath unto my said son Isacke howland the one halfe of my twelve acree lott of Meddow That I now have att Winnatucsett River within the Towne of Plymouth aforsaid To belonge to him and said Isacke howland his heires and assignes for ever;

Item I Will and bequeath unto my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth howland the use and benifitt of my now Dwelling house in Rockey nooke in the Township of Plymouth aforsaid, with the outhousing lands, That is uplands uplands [sic] and meddow lands and all appurtenances and privilidges therunto belonging in the Towne of Plymouth and all other Lands housing and meddowes that I have in the said Towne of Plymouth excepting what meddow and upland I have before given To my sonnes Jabez and Isacke howland During her naturall life to Injoy make use of and Improve for her benifitt and Comfort;

Item I give and bequeath unto my son Joseph howland after the Decease of my loveing wife Elizabeth howland my aforsaid Dwelling house att Rockey nooke together with all the outhousing uplands and Medowes appurtenances and privilidges belonging therunto; and all other housing uplands and meddowes appurtenances and privilidges That I have within the aforsaid Towne of New Plymouth excepting what lands and meadowes I have before Given To my two sonnes Jabez and Isacke; To belong to him the said Joseph howland To him and his heires and assignes for ever;

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Desire Gorum twenty shillings

Item I give and bequeath To my Daughter hope Chipman twenty shillings

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Elizabeth Dickenson twenty shillings

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Lydia Browne twenty shillings

Item I give & bequeath to my Daughter hannah Bosworth twenty shillings

Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Ruth Cushman twenty shillings

Item I give to my Grandchild Elizabeth howland The Daughter of my son John howland twenty shillings

Item my will is That these legacyes Given to my Daughters, be payed by my exequitrix in such species as shee thinketh meet;

Item I will and bequeath unto my loveing wife Elizabeth howland, my Debts and legacyes being first payed my whole estate: vis: lands houses goods Chattles; or any thing else that belongeth or appertaineth unto mee, undisposed of be it either in Plymouth Duxburrow or Middlbery or any other place whatsoever; I Doe freely and absolutly give and bequeath it all to my Deare and loveing wife Elizabeth howland whom I Doe by these prsents, make ordaine and Constitute to be the sole exequitrix of this my Last will and Testament to see the same truely and faithfully prformed according to the tenour therof; In witness whereof I the said John howland senir have heerunto sett my hand and seale the aforsaid twenty ninth Day of May, one thousand six hundred seaventy and two 1672

Signed and sealed in the
prsence of Samuel ffuller John Howland
William Crow And a seale  
HOWLAND, John Mayflower Passenger 1620 (I08316)
241 John Howland was born about 1599, probably in Fenstanton, Huntington. He came on the Mayflower in 1620 as a manservant for Governor John Carver. During the Mayflower's voyage, Howland fell overboard during a storm, and was almost lost at sea--but luckily for his millions of descendants living today (including Presidents George Bush and George W. Bush, and Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt) he managed to grab ahold of the topsail halyards, giving the crew enough time to rescue him with a boathook.

It has been traditionally reported that John Howland was born about 1592, based on his reported age at death in the Plymouth Church Records. However, ages at death were often overstated, and that is clearly the case here. John Howland came as a servant for John Carver, which means he was under 25 years old at the time (i.e. he was born after 1595). William Bradford, in the falling-overboard incident, refers to Howland as a "lusty young man", a term that would not likely have applied to a 28-year old given that Bradford himself was only 30--Bradford did call 21-year old John Alden a "young man" though. Howland's wife Elizabeth was born in 1607: a 32-year old marrying a 17-year old is an unlikely circumstance. Howland's last child was born in 1649: a 57-year old Howland would be an unlikely father. All these taken together demonstrate that Howland's age was likely overstated by at least 5 years. Since he signed the Mayflower Compact, we can assume he was probably about 21 in 1620, so the best estimate for his birth would be about 1599.

John Howland had several brothers who also came to New England, namely Henry Howland (an ancestor to both Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford) and Arthur Howland (an ancestor to Winston Churchill).

HOWLAND, John Mayflower Passenger 1620 (I08316)
242 John Howse served as Sheriff for Norfolk County, England - changed spelling
of name from Howse to Howes (probably cause by mistake in some important legal
document, bearing upon the family estate)

SOURCE: Howes Genealogy by Joshua C. Howes
HOWES, Thomas (I01395)
243 John is twin of Henry
HARDING, Isaac (I01870)
244 John Mayo of Northamptonshire, a commoner's son, matriculated from Magdalen
Hall, Oxford University on 28 Apr. 1615 age 17. John suposedly left the
university without obtaining his degree, which was not unusual in this time
of religious unrest. Mather, in his "Magnalia", says that he was "in the
exercise of his ministry previous to emigration."

John and his family arrived on the "Truelove" from London in 1635 with Robert
Dennis, master. John moved to Barnstable, MA in 1638 and was ordained a
teaching elder in Rev. Joseph Hull's church 2 Apr. 1640: "Apr. 2, 1640, At
the investing of my Bro. Meo into the office of Teaching Elder, upon whome
myselfe, Brother Hull, Brother Cobb Lay on hands, and for the Lord to find
out a place for meeting, & that wee might agree in it, as also yet wee might
agree about the division of lands."(1) He was admitted a freeman by the court
at Plymouth 3 Mar. 1640.

John moved to Nausett (Eastham) in 1646: "The Principall of the members that
then Removed was that honorable Gentleman Mr. Thomas Prence whoe went away
with severall other of the Church who were very desirable... and settled att
Nausett, by the named Eastham; and in some success of time being destitute of
Ministry there being two in office of ministry att Barstable, then obtained
Mr. John Mayo the Reverend Teacher of that Church; to Goe to them, and he
became theire Teacher."(2) He was the minister until 1654 when he became
"discouraged" and moved to Boston, evidently after having some disagreements
with his parishioners.

On 9 Nov. 1655 he became the first pastor of the Second Church of Boston (the
old North Church) and overseer of Harvard College for a salary of £ 65 per
year. In 1658 John preached the annual sermon before the Ancient and
Honorable Artillery Co. and in June he preached the election sermon before
the General Court. He owned a house on Middle St. (now Hanover St.) and sold
it for £ 200 to Abraham Gording in 1673. John was one of the ministers who
attended the Synod which met 10 Mar. 1662 and which adopted the novel policy
of allowing the children of non-communicants to baptism. The Royal
Commissioners attended the service at the Second Church on 24 July 1664.
While they were in Boston numerous petitions were circulated asking that the
Colony's "Libertyes be still continued". John's signature is attached to some
of these.

There are many entries in Increase Mather's diary to show the great influence
John had over his friend. The diaries also make mention of the numerous times
Mather had supper at John's house which is either a good comment on their
friendship or a statement about Tamsen's cooking! Mather was Teacher at the
Second Church for many years before becomming the minister.

"In the beginning of the year 1670, Mr. Mayo, the pastor, grew very infirm.
On the 15th of April he removed his person, and his goods also from Boston to
reside with his daughter in Barnstable, where since he hath lived a private
life not being able, through infirmities of age, to do the works of the
ministry."(3) Mather is a bit off with regards to his dates as the Church
dismissed him due to his poor health on 15 Apr. 1672/3. The church pensioned
John for the work he had done for the parish.
- GenMassachusetts L-Archives (See Sources) 
MAYO, Rev John (I00467)
245 John Tilley was born in 1571 in Henlow, Bedford, England, and married the widowed Joan (Hurst) Rogers on 20 September 1596 in Henlow. He, his wife Joan, and his youngest daughter Elizabeth all came on the Mayflower to Plymouth in 1620.

John and his wife both died the first winter at Plymouth, orphaning the 13-year old Elizabeth Tilley in the New World. Elizabeth would later marry to Mayflower passenger John Howland. 
TILLEY, John Mayflower Passenger 1620 (I8414)
246 John was a member of Captain Moseley's company which fought the Indians.
TURNER, John (I00215)
247 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. GARDNER, Andrew Curtis (I01224)
248 Joseph and Margaret had four children, Joseph, Daniel, Cherry, and John.
Joseph died at 42-3 and Margaret remarried Lieutenant Daniel Deane (Dane).
EAMES, Margaret (I00057)
249 Joseph died young PARTRIDGE, Deborah (I02495)
250 Joseph is listed as Josephene in the 1860 Census so he may be a she but a have little other supporting infomation on either and have listed him as a male for now since the 1860 census seems to be messed up in many ways

- MAS 4-9-09 
GIDLEY, Harvey (I03145)

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