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Peter Charles Schell (aka Franz Peter Schell)

Peter Schell is my 4th Great Grandfather and I know many things about him. He was a person of interest for my Grandfather (Norman Schuler) before me and we have found many things about him, but many mysteries still exist. Things we know: 1. He was born in Johlingen, Baden (now Germany) as Franz Peter Schell. 2. He was born to the unmarried Margaretha Schell. 3. He came to America on the Eric from La Havre, France on 29 May 1839. By that time he had changed his name to Peter C Schell. He came with his Mother, Uncle Charles, and Michael Schell (listed from America) relation unknown. 4. They ended up in Boston, Massachusetts and Peter lived there until his death in 1900. 5. He married Catherine Brehm in Boston, MA 28 Nov 1846. 6. He owned a bakery in multiple places on Washington Ave and finally at 1224-6 and 1354 Washington Ave, Boston, MA. Things we do not know: 1. How did he get his money to start his bakery? 2. Why did he change his name and why Peter Charles? 3. Who was his father (a mystery I doubt can be solved)? 4. Since his bakery was on the first MBA line and fair;y famous I have always longed to find a picture?
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